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Scuba Diving Norfolk Christal Seas Scuba Specialty Diver

PADI Surface Marker Buoy Speciality

Scuba Diving Norfolk Christal Seas Scuba Specialty Diver SMB

PADI Side-Mount Diver Speciality

Surface marker buoys (SMBs) allow scuba divers to mark boundaries for mapping or search and recovery, alert boat traffic, or provide a line as a visual reference for ascending divers.


During two dives, learn the proper techniques and protocols for using surface marker buoys and delayed surface marker buoys (DSMBs) in the local area.


What Will You Learn?

During the SMB Speciality course you'll learn:


  • Why and how to use an SMB

  • Different types of SMB and reels

  • Methods of SMB deployment

  • Risks and hazards of SMB use


Over two open water dives you will then put the knowledge into practice and carry out a number of skills including deploying an SMB from the bottom and from mid water, conduct a tour while towing the SMB and demonstrate the ability to reel in and out.


Course Pre-requisites

Knowledge Development

There is a classroom presentation session with a qualified PADI Instructor will ensure that you fully understand the information required.


Confined Water Dives



Open Water Dives

There are 2 Open Water qualifying dives, usually completed over 1 day.


What's Included?

  • Theory session

  • PADI certification fee

  • Full equipment hire including drysuit and SMB

We offer flexible course timetabling to meet your schedule and work with small groups to ensure personal tuition at all times.

How Much Does It Cost?



Call 01603 485000 or click the 'Contact Us' button to find out about dates and availability.


Don't miss out! Secure your place now with just £65 deposit. We'll then contact you to arrange a suitable time for you to begin your training!
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