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Customer Comments.....

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We have been lucky enough to train many amazing divers for over 20 years, many of whom have remained firm friends,  and have  received so much positive feedback  which is just lovely.  Here are some of the recent comments we have received from students and customers....

"Thank you so much for the excellent support and tuition you gave to Eve during her Junior Open Water course.   She is over the moon and and we are all so proud of her.  Trudi and Sebastian were inspirational.  Their professionalism, attention to detail and kindness ensured that Eve was in safe hands and she really enjoyed her diving weekend."   Eve, Jim & Lynne, July 2023

"I wanted to say a massive thank you for everything:  The organisation to get all the kit together, the admin, the hotels, the dives, dressing and organising us all especially when you're in full kit.  I'm in admiration of your skills and patience!   I felt entirely safe and reassured in your capable hands.  There are moments when you are unsure underwater and as soon as I see your white fins instantly feel I'm ok and am calmed.

The whole course from start to finish, the team in the pool, and all those who have taught us. Thanks to them all, everyone has been just so reassuring and friendly.  I feel I've been welcomed into a community!"  Sarah, Sept 2022

"I am so glad I chose Christal Seas for my Open Water journey.  Everyone has been supportive and welcoming throughout.  Everything was well panned and organised and explained in a calm and professional manner.  I felt totally at ease and relaxed in the water."  Lara, May 2022.

"Thank you to everyone at CCS. What an amazing team you have and thank you all for making us feel so welcome. It was a pleasure to meet everyone.   Nothing was to much trouble for you all and Steve is just the best instructor for me, he made me feel so calm and collected."  Richard, November 2021


"Thank you for a great experience during my Open Water course.  There is a real sense of belonging and welcome.  Christal Seas feels like a diving family, not just a business.   I couldn't have asked for more.  The way the school is run and the team is perfection. Thank you. ."  Alison, July 2021

"Wow! What an outfit you have - you deserve to be very proud!   I felt properly looked after from the moment I first came into the shop and talked to you about an Open Water course for the two boys and I.   None of us were really sure what to expected, from diving or the course but, having qualified yesterday, it’s true to say that every expectation and hope was exceeded, by miles!


Polly, Steve, Chris and Jim all had a hand in our training - and you were all exceptional! Passionate, knowledgable, helpful, patient, reassuring and more! Having top marks against every encounter and interaction with a business with so many involved is such a rare thing. Same extends to DiveMaster Tim who supported our qualifying dives.


Everything is run so slickly - even the individually packed gear boxes that catered for our special requests demonstrated an unspoken care and attention to detail - the effort not being lost on me at all.    Your personal communication and support around logistics was flawless and accommodating at every turn, even with all the uncertainty and unpredictability around the current global situation. I don’t know how you find the hours in the day!


And finally, a special word on Scuba Steve! What a gem of a man and a talent of an instructor - if we weren’t living in a socially distanced world - he would have got a big old hug yesterday, whether he wanted it or not! Please pass on our appreciation."  Ben, Toby & Hugo, September 2020

"I had the good fortune of training with Christal Seas and  while the underwater environment did not come naturally to me I learnt slowly , gradually building my confidence during the confined water dives. Polly Wake was my instructor and showed limitless patience and professionalism as I struggled with the skills mentally and practically. She was able to answer my numerous 'why?' questions and find new ways of explaining and demonstrating skills.   Although I struggled with the skills I felt safe at all times and Polly has a real skill building that trust and faith you will master the skill. As I repeated a number of confined water sessions I was able to see other Instructors working and they all demonstrated a similar style; professional, safe, engaging  with a huge range of clients from young to older confident/ nervous.


My Instructor for the Open Water dives was Steve Line - he immediately gave me confidence in both my own ability and his to keep me safe. I again found the environment challenging but Steve relaxed me and allowed us to take our time to complete the skills. He has a natural teaching style that worked perfectly for me, sharing his experience of diving and tips at a rate that I could assimilate and put into practice. I felt safe and certain that Steve would ensure everything was completed correctly and safely whilst allowing me the time to settle into the tasks. 


During the dives we where accompanied by excellent DiveMasters again boosting our confidence with their obvious professionalism. The kit we used was first class and performed faultlessly - especially important for a beginner.  Overall I have had a challenging experience to pass the Open Water course but could not have asked for anymore support from Christal Seas. They are a great team of highly enthusiastic, safety conscious, diligent professionals, lead to the highest standard by Polly and Chris Wake."  Mark, September 2020

"This is the true meaning of great team,  all a fantastic bunch and a shout out to Polly and Chris for all your hard work which we don’t all see.

My personal experience with Trudi the Steve’s (both) Kat and Chad - you're all amazing and the support, care and encouragement you have given our 12 yr old boy during his open water has been...well words cannot describe. Thank you all!"  Shaun, August 2020


"Thank you for a wonderful 2 days of diving ! J has had a memorable experience he will never forget, and is always up for the next dive/ challenge! The quality of the teaching and instructing has been exceptionally of the highest standards. From the theory to the practical. We would just like to say thank you for making this possible Polly! You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make J’s experience as pleasurable and painless in the theory department as possible! Your ability to connect with him & keep him engaged is amazing - and to retract the information you know he has within - thank you for believing in him."  Annie, August 2020

"Thank you so much for teaching me how to be a scuba diver and for boosting my confidence.  Rod & I had an amazing weekend at Stoney Cove.  Thank you!"   Pam, September 2019

"Thank you so much Christal Seas for an awesome weekend!! Such a professional and friendly dive school! Credit to Polly to her amazing team and well run business. " Anna, September 2019

"I wanted to learn how to scuba dive, and to do a proper, recognised course. Looking at what's out there, I elected to attempt the PADI Open Water qualification (which I now have). I would recommend this to anyone. Looking around to find a quality dive school where I could learn, I came across Christal Seas Scuba in Norwich; and I signed up. (It was a bit of a drive to get to Norwich but one hundred percent worth it.) I did three dives to complete my confined water work, and was fortunate enough to have Polly as my guide. She was superb - calm, safe, highly experienced, and a great dive instructor - always helpful, cheerful and positive. To add to that, the pool area at Christal Seas is specifically designed for diving, and they have the full range of equipment required for learning. All you have to do is turn up! I went abroad, to the Med, for my open water dives (though I could have stayed in the UK), but there is no doubt it was the basics that Polly and Christal Seas Scuba gave me that set me on the path to qualification. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Christal Seas Scuba to anyone thinking of scuba diving (at any level)."  Gavin, April 2019

"Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend I enjoyed every minute.   Credit to you and all of your staff for such a well organised and stress free day.    Andy and Harriett where amazing they made me feel so relaxed and let me take everything at a steady pace reassuring me all the way a real credit to your business."    Robert, November 2018

"The Pool and Classroom facilities at the shop are awesome, pool is a lovely temperature. Stoney Cove was absolutely gorgeous, wonderful training site."  Sasha , August 2018

"Absolutely awesome - can't give you guys a high enough rating. All the instructors and dive masters we had throughout our training were absolutely incredible.  You are all so approachable and happy to help with everything/answer questions. Your willingness to take things at our pace and answer my stupid questions made the whole experience wonderful, you guys were the perfect balance of professional and approachable. The atmosphere amongst all the regulars at Stoney Cove as well was so welcoming  -I genuinely felt welcome and part of the group! Massive thank you to you all."  Sasha, August 2018

"In conclusion, the whole experience has been above and beyond my expectations. As I said at the Greyhound to Polly, I went into this with trepidation having had my confidence knocked by poor try dives elsewhere. The quality of teaching at CSS and the friendly atmosphere you all provided has completely flipped that on it's head and left me feeling like a safe and confident diver who is excited to continue with it, so thank you so much!"    Pinto family, September 2018

"I would like to thank you all at Christal Seas Scuba for getting us through our Padi open water course and a special thanks to Paul and Jim for making our weekend at Stoney Cove so memorable and for being there when needed, I can not praise them enough. Please pass on our thanks to them as they are top blokes."  Peter, October 2018

"The Professionalism and approachability of the instructor and Divemaster were second to none.  Both guys were amazing, we had lots of laughs but also felt very safe and supported.  Thank you. "  Jodie, October 2018

"I’ve just done my first 2 dives since qualifying at Stoney and just wanted to say a big thank you to you, Chris and especially Steve. It was so much fun and I felt so much more confident in the water. Much prefer the Caribbean Sea to Stoney!  Thanks again. "   Ross.  Oct 2018

"Thank you so much for teaching me how to dive.  You guys are the nicest people ever and I will hopefully be able to go on a dive with you all soon. I am very happy to say I passed my Open Water and i had the best experience of my life!"  Harvey September 2018

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