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Discover Snorkelling

PADI Discover Snorkelling Scuba Diving Norfolk Christal Seas Scuba

Who Should Take This Course?

Snorkelling opens up the underwater world and is great fun to float around a reef watching the fish dart in and out.  If you're one of those surface snorkellers or slightly unsure snorkellers out there, our Discover Snorkelling programme is perfect to help you begin to explore more.


What Will You Learn?

Within the session we will take you through a full safety briefing; equipment familiarisation and preparation session; introduce you to various water entry techniques and of course teach you how to most efficiently and effectively fin and (if you want) surface dive down to get right amongst the action.


Course Pre-requisites

No pre-requisites, just basic swimming ability.

Where Does It Take Place?

The experience takes place in one session in our private swimming pool.

What's Included?

Full equipment hire including wetsuit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Discover Snorkelling Experience costs £35 per person.  Discount for 2 or more people.

Call 01603 485000 or click the 'Contact Us' button to find out about dates and availability.


Don't miss out! Buy now and we'll contact you to arrange a suitable time for your in-water experience...
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