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PADI Deep Diver Speciality

PADI Deep Diver Speciality

The lure of the deep. There’s something exciting and mysterious about exploring deeper dive sites while scuba diving.


Sometimes it’s a wreck that attracts you below 18 metres, and on wall dives it may be a giant fan or sponge.


Whatever it is, to scuba dive with confidence at depths down to 40 metres you should take the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course.

What Will You Learn?

Your training starts by reviewing reasons for deep diving and how important it is to know your personal limits.


During four deep dives with your instructor, you’ll go over:

  • Specialized deep diving equipment.

  • Deep dive planning, buddy contact procedures and buoyancy control.

  • Managing your gas supply, dealing with gas narcosis and safety considerations.

  • Practice emergency decompression procedures.

Course Pre-requisites

Knowledge Development

Confined Water Dives

  • As long as you are a PADI Advanced Water Diver (or equivalent) you can begin this Speciality Diver course.

  • You must be a minimum of 15 years old.

Similar to many PADI courses, the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course is a self-study course.


You'll receive quality training materials from PADI, specifically designed to teach you what you need to know.


Classroom sessions with a qualified PADI Instructor will ensure that you fully understand the information. 



Open Water Dives

There are 4 Open Water qualifying dives, usually over the course of a weekend.

What's Included?

How Much Does It Cost?

  • PADI Deep Diver manual

  • PADI Certification fee

  • Full equipment hire included Dry Suit

  • Theory session(s)

    We offer flexible course timetabling to meet your schedule and work with small groups to ensure personal tuition at all times.





Call 01603 485000 or click the 'Contact Us' button to find out about dates and availability.


Don't miss out! Secure your place now with just £95 deposit. We'll then contact you to arrange a suitable time for you to begin your training!
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