South Africa.  Diving and Safari


19 June to 2 July 2017

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Agulhas House Diving and Accommodation


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This is a repeat trip following the success of the 2016 visit and is timed to try and catch the world famous sardine run, followed by 4 nights at a Game reserve.  This promises to be a great trip exploring both sides of South Africa’s amazing wildlife – above and below water.


We fly to Durban and spend the first week diving and snorkelling the east coast to view the amazing action of the sardine run. This amazing migration attracts huge numbers of sharks, dolphins, sea birds and seals as they chase the sardines.   Much of the action can be viewed from the surface by snorkel so it makes it a great trip for non-divers too.   We then do 2 dives at  Aliwal Shoal where large shoal of tuna, sharks, dolphins and turtles are all regular visitors.   We then spend 4 nights at a Game Reserve experiencing the amazing wildlife above land.


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We then go to Hluhluew Game reserve and White Elephant Safari Lodge to finsih the trip on a  high! 


All dive sites are subject to weather conditions and cannot be guarenteed.   The trip is timed to catch the sardine run but of course cannot be guarenteed.








Flight Details

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Minibus and driver available from the dive centre to/from airport at an additional cost


Holiday Price

Other Information

£2,600 plus flights.   Please book as soon as possible to secure the best flight price. 


This includes:

  • Full Board accommodation

  • 8 full days of diving / snorkelling (reef dives,  baited dives and snorkelling for the sardine run)

  • 4 night safari.

  • Rental vehicle at dive locations to explore the surrounding area


£600 deposit required to hold your place with balance due 3 months before we travel.  Please note there is a charge of 2% on any payments made on credit card but there are no charges on debit card and bank transfer.


Although not particularly difficult, South Africa offers more challenging diving conditions than the average tropical diving area. Divers should be experienced before exploring this wonderful place as you may experience strong currents, surge and swell. The surf entries at Aliwal Shoal can be particularly adventurous!  Although surface temperatures are approx 24°C the presence of thermoclines means that the water at 20 metres is usually considerably cooler and divers are recommended to wear a 5-7 mm wetsuit.



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