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Norfolk Coast Dives

As with many UK diving locations, all dives on the North Norfolk coast are very weather dependent - please check the weather or call the day before to be sure that they are going ahead.


See Magic Seaweed for surf reports to check the conditions.


All dives are all undertaken at slack water, the centre of which is approx. 2 hours after low or high tide at Cromer. Slack water lasts for about 1 hour so you can therefore enter the water approx. one and a half hours after high or low tide. 


The gullies can be dived at low or high tide but the wrecks are most easily done at low tide slack when the tips of the wrecks stick out of the water.  There is some great information on the two wrecks and how best to dive them on the local Seasearch co-ordinators website, see Rosalie and Vera dives.

Also see their great report on the North Norfolk Chalk Reef.


Look at that website for details, but basic directions are as follows:


  • Weybourne (The Rosalie):  Park in Weybourne beach car park and walk west (left) along the beach for about 600 metres until you are level with the wreckage that sticks out of the water.  Surface swim out to it then drop down.

  • Cley (The Vera):  Park in Cley beach car park (almost opposite the Cley Marshes bird reserve centre) and walk east (right) along the beach for 400 metres until you are level with the wreckage that sticks out of the water.  Swim out to it and drop down.

  • Sheringham gullies:  Park on the Esplanade and head straight down to the beach.  Surface swim out for a while then drop down and swim out north, then turn around and swim back in.


Please always use a delayed SMB when surfacing if there are boats in the area and do not tamper with any lobster and crab pots in place. 


If you are taking a free-moving crab or lobster please be familiar with minimum sizes.


Weekend and evening times are listed here but slack tides at other times can be easily worked out following the guide above.